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Our aims to bring you the best in event planning and execution, for corporate, community, family or large group Online Experiences. We specialize in creating more than just a get-together, but rather, to create an experience for you and your guests which brings lasting memories as much for the uniqueness of the event as for the fun and companionship you enjoy along the way.

Our virtual events are live, interactive video experiences.

Get hands-on and engage award-winning sommelier or mixologists and lead guests through a special event. Each experience is facilitated by an expert host with customizable upgrade options. Come Join Us!



Making Wine

From the comfort of your living room, you will virtually meet the expert sommelier and gain the necessary confidence on “How to Taste Like a Pro”. 

You will learn how to taste and compare, learn about the appearance, nose and palate and a guideline of how to pair food with wine. 


 We will teach you how to grill traditional pork or chicken skewers, learn how to make tzatziki with Greek yoghurt from local cheesemakers, chop fresh vegetables to stuff your pita bread and teach you how to wrap it.

This an amazing experience to explore the Greek cuisine.

In this online tour, we will visit the most beautiful places of the amazing Mykonos Old Town through a video call.
Visit the Old Port of Mykonos, "walk" to Manto Square and lost our selves in Matogianni Street in the heart of the town. Explore the small alleys and see how the locals live in the town!


Enjoy Greek Ancient wines,

avoid the crowd and feel the Greek hospitality through a video call.

You will have the opportunity to to taste Ancient Greek varieties,  from the comfort of your home.

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