Feel Like

Greek God


Picture yourself under the Myconian sky, relaxed and caressed by the fresh breeze. 

Today all you need to do is enjoy the sunset and our wines!

You hold a wine glass in your hands, feeling that you are only moments away from tasting the “nectar” that ancient Greeks considered the beverage of Gods.

You observe the colour, swirl the wine, close your eyes and smell it…And suddenly you taste the melon, reminding you of the fruits you shared with your friends on a hot summer day. 

The honey and the memory of your grandparents bringing it gold and rich from the countryside after their summer holidays. You wonder how this is even possible… It is just a wine… And at that point, you realise the ancient wisdom and you understand why this is a godly drink… 

Enjoy an amazing wine tasting with Greek ancient varieties in Mykonos!

Feel the energy of Mykonos island in a Bohemian chic environment at our secret location by the beach. You will unwind on the comfy beach pillows and enjoy the wine, the magnificent view, the sun and the sea listening to stories from Greek Mythology and ancient Greece.

We will welcome you to our secret beach location in a relaxed beachside setup.

During the wine tasting, you will get the chance to play with the taste, the notes and the aromas, listening to stories from Greek Mythology.

You will be served Three or Five different types of rare wine varieties not easily accessible in the market and at the same time enjoy fine local hospitality with Greek nibbles, such as Greek cheeses, spreads and rusks that pair perfectly with the wine choices. 

A unique wine tasting adventure through the ancient varieties of Greece with an expert sommelier in a magical location waiting for you!


Three wines (bottles) & nibbles.

Five wines (bottles) & nibbles.

Three Greek Bubbles (bottles) & nibbles.


Bohemian, relaxed beach set-up (picnic style). 

Three or five (bottles) different wine tastings.

Stories about Greek wines, Greek Mythology, Greek gods and the history of Mykonos.

Pairing 3 or 5 wines and local delicacies.

Expert licensed guide WSET sommelier.

Professional English Speaking guide/driver.





Light jacket 

Beach shoes, flip flops (No high heels)

Short trousers, beachwear



Daily, April - October

11:30 - 13:30  or 18:30  - 20:30.



2 - 2,5 hours (approx.)



A minimum participation of 2 persons.



Before booking your experience please inform us of any food allergies if someone at your party has. 

We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

*We can also organise a wine tasting experience at your villa or yacht, celebrate your birthday, hen party, honeymoon, anniversary or plan your Wedding Proposal!