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Join the Mykonos Adventure!

Hello there! 


We're Georgia, Stelios and the local team, we love meeting new people, and we're very friendly and outgoing. We want to give you a personal experience of Mykonos, away from the big crowds, and make your visit unforgettable.


Our journey began with the idea of sharing our daily life and traditions with you. Georgia used to work at fancy Michelin-star restaurants in London and Stelios used to work for the most luxurious villas on the island, so we started by introducing you to some amazing Ancient Greek wine varieties having a wine tasting on a secret beach location from Georgia’s experience.


But that's not all! We'd also like to take you back to the joy of picnics from Stelios' childhood.

You'll get to enjoy some delicious Greek food on a beach picnic.


Stroll around Mykonos Town as a local and for the ultimate treat, you are invited to our fun cooking class where you can learn to make mouthwatering souvlaki, a delicious Greek dish It's a chance to experience our culture through food.


Our small family business is all about giving you a real taste of Mykonos.

No big groups, just us showing you the island we love.


We're super excited to welcome you to Mykonos and show you the real Mykonos, the way we live it.


Come join us, and let's make memories together!


With lots of love and excitement,


Georgia and Stelios

View Experiences 
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The Greek Meze Picnic

"Discover a secluded beach haven with crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life.

Indulge in the true spirit of Greece with a guided Greek meze picnic by the shore.

Envision yourself on the beach, immersed in the flavours of Greece."

"Picture yourself under the Myconian sky, relaxed and caressed by the fresh breeze. 

Today all you need to do is enjoy the sunset and our wines!

You hold a wine glass in your hands, feeling that you are only moments away from tasting the “nectar” that ancient Greeks considered the beverage of Gods."

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IMG_0976 copy.jpg

"Dive into the ultimate cocktail adventure!

Get ready for a blast as a private bartender shakes up your drinks.

Unleash your inner mixologist, shake it, stir it, crush it – all while enjoying delicious concoctions.

Let the good times flow!"

"Step into our Mykonian home for a hands-on experience in crafting the iconic Souvlaki,

the heart of Greek cuisine.

From making tzatziki with fresh local ingredients to grilling savoury skewers,

we'll guide you in creating the perfect Souvlaki."

IMG_1497 copy.jpg

Food Tour in Mykonos
Famous Tastings

"Join us on a gastronomic adventure as we traverse through the charming lanes, tasting the finest Greek delights that Mykonos has to offer.

Embark on this culinary odyssey through Mykonos Town, where each tasting is a celebration of Greek flavours, history, and culture."

Walking Tour and Picnic on the Beach

"Discover the magic of Mykonos Town with a sensational shore excursion.

Enjoy a delightful Greek picnic on the beach, savouring artisanal ingredients that capture the essence of Mykonian culinary excellence.

This extraordinary adventure is a perfect blend of exploration, great food, and the irresistible charm of Mykonos."

IMG_1740 copy.jpg
IMG_1725 copy.jpg

"Immersing yourself in the local experience.

Snap Insta-worthy moments against the backdrop of this enchanting island, all while savouring the rejuvenating Myconian breeze.

Let this adventure be your gateway to a perfect blend of discovery, aesthetics, and the authentic essence of Mykonos."

Walking Tour
& Cooking Class

"Wander through iconic white houses, narrow streets, and charming churches.

 Join us in our authentic Mykonian home for a cultural journey and hands-on culinary experience.

Learn the art of crafting souvlaki.

A day of exploration, cooking, and unforgettable memories awaits in the heart and flavors of Mykonos!""

IMG_1482 copy1.jpg
Sunny Beach Day

Walking Tour
& Beach Hopping 

"Let's start with a captivating adventure

with a Walking Tour and Beach Hopping Extravaganza 

in Mykonos!

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Mykonos Town and explore three extraordinary beaches.

Get ready for a journey that promises fascination at every step!"

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