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Magical moments and inspiring places make lasting memories. Whether having a private wine tasting with Greek ancient varieties on the beach, drinking cocktails with Greek spirits in a balcony with a million-dollar view, or simply having a conversation with a local exploring the alleys in Mykonos town the best stories come from holidays.

At Mykonos Experiences we know this to be true from our own travels–and are experts at crafting life-changing experiences for our clients.


Enjoy our Bohemian, relaxed beach set up and taste three or five different wines well paired with finger foods.

Meet our Expert WSET sommelier at our isolated beach this summer.

Learn all the secrets on how to make the most famous street food in Greece in a local house.

We will grill traditional pork or chicken skewers, we will make tzatziki and more.
Vegetarian options are available.

Oysters and Greek clams.

You'll be spoilt with plenty of oysters and clams all of them from Mykonos island and handpicked from local fishermen every morning. You will taste Ouzo and Tsipouro the most famous spirits in Greece


Enjoy Greek Cocktails, avoid the crowd and feel the Greek hospitality. We have an amazing balcony with a sunset view and we can't wait to meet you enjoy some of our favourites cocktails, all of them made with good quality spirits made in Small Greek distilleries.

We will walk around the town and visit Manto Mavrogenous Statue, Matogianni Alley, Windmills, Little Venice and more.

Also, you will receive a Mykonian Breakfast goody bag with artisanal ingredients from local farms.

You can fly over Mykonos and Delos islands and go sightseeing on a helicopter. 

Visit Delos a fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s a sprawling ruin that was once a magnificent ancient Greek city and the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

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